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The backbone of our business – hydroseeding, has become the environmental industry standard for erosion control on industrial work sites. The name refers to a process of uniformly applying grass seed to a large area by means of a slurry application. The process presents a host of advantages including increased seed contact, increased retention of moisture, faster seed germination, no by-product removal and a positive impact on erosion control efforts. It’s also proven to be a cost-effective means of controlling what can easily become a costly problem in the field.

Our slurry contains a mix of water, grass seed, lime and fertilizers to ensure the fastest germination possible, and decreasing the possibility of wash off in the event of heavy rain or other inclimate weather.

The GreenPro Environmental Services, LLC crews use three types of product depending on job and location requirements:

These three products have proven to be some of the best on the market providing heavier coverage that holds seeds in place more effectively, and much better than standard seeding products.

Not only does GreenPro Environmental Services, LLC use the best products available, but you also can leave all the details up to us. We’ll coordinate water delivery to your location on application day, and even offer tractor prep and general site preparation if the need arises. We also offer Morooka seeding and straw application for use on steep or hard-to-reach terrain.

Straw blanket installation, filter sock installation, silt fence installation and super silt fence installation are all services within GreenPro’s capabilities.

Straw Blank Installation

Straw blanket installation is often used on steeper terrain or when the threat of product washout is prevalent.

Filter Sock Installation

Filter sock installation incorporates the use of a sock blower and is utilized to implement a large degree of sediment control over the site. The greatest advantage of filter sock installation is its versatility in application on a variety of sites.

Silt Fence Installation

Silt fence installation and super silt fence installation are two types of E&S control used throughout the region and by several types of industry. These products come in different sizes based on project requirements. The size and type most suitable is typically determined by demands of your job site terrain.

E&S Control

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For any other needs you might have on your job sites, look to GreenPro Environmental Services, LLC for general roustabout services.

Our clients know they can depend on our team to fill a variety of needs:

We also regularly provide temporary seeding services if your project requires a temporary fix.